The DRX9000 was designed by a specialized team of engineers at Axiom Worldwide to meet the needs of today's patient, offering physicians the clinical outcome they desire and patients the quality of life they deserve.

With our focus on innovation, Axiom is committed to utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology to improve the quality of life for those suffering from herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, and other back ailments.

Our expert team consists of engineers who formally designed for the US Department of Defense and other US governmental agencies.

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Suffering from back pains?

Dr. Alan D. Newman Chiropractic offers state of the art chiropractic care using the revolutionary FDA approved DRX9000 spinal and cervical decompression units. The DRX9000 has been proved to be 86% successful in the treatment of a variety of spinal and leg ailments such as:

  • Herniated/Bulging discs
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Sciatic leg pain
  • Facet
  • Post surgical back pain
  • Foraminal stenosis

If you have been diagnosed with any of the above ailments, the DRX9000 is a sure treatment to consider for non surgical treatment.

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Back pains can be caused by a number of factors from effects of ageing, injuries to post surgery back problems. The spinal cord is protected by vertabrae, which are made of bone. Between each vertabrae are soft discs with a ligamentous outer layer. These discs function as shock absorbers to protect the vertebra and spinal cord.

Many back pains are caused by herniation and degeneration of the disc. Herniations or bulging of the discs that press on surrounding nerves, causing pain or numbness. When a lower back connective tissue injury exhibits less pain free mobility, spinal decompression therapy is likely to help.


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